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  • Three Reasons Why The Jeep Cherokee XJ Is Awesome Personally, we think that the reliability comes from the fact that the AMC inline

    Vladislav Ivanenko The Jeep XJ is a four-door sports utility vehicle. It came with an optional four-wheel drive system. The powerhouse is an.

    Owner reviews of the Jeep Cherokee XJ mid-sized sport utility vehicle.

    Would buy a new XJ if they were made today. Transmission choices were both carry-overs: Has 8 places to install speakers into, though it only comes with 4 usually. XJ Crawler stretching its legs. What's your favorite subject?

    Jeep Cherokee XJ Buyers Guide - Jp Magazine

    Write a review and share your thoughts with other Jeepers. Jeep Cherokee XJ - Reviews. Mar 03, Reviewer: I've had my 93 XJ for 4 years now, just one of 4 I've owned. It has the AX 5 speed and 4. O that will get 1st, 2nd, and bark 3rd. It's the most powerful vehicle I've ever owned. It's a rust bucket, but that's the best thing. People say "what a pos" but when I go to challenge them offroad or in a race private road I can make them wish they never said it was a pos.

    It's stock everything and will go places that you wouldn't even believe are possible. It's got a very tight turning radius, which is amazing for turning around after you realize you've missed your turn on a small county road.

    I could go on forever talking about how amazing these things are, but I'd rather go outside and make some new trails. It's easy on fuel. It'll go anywhere, and you can even get some respect by pulling others out that are modded to the max.

    These vehicles are so easy to work on. Front end suspension; every jeep I've owned has had the deathshake at some point.

    Cheap brake lines that rust quickly. This review is the subjective opinion of a JeepReviews user and not of JeepReviews. Police Auction Jeep 6cyl Date: Dec 13, Reviewer: Second jeep I bought Completely obliterated the first. When you think of a Cherokee, you think of a big fat SUV, but really it's quite small. It's about the length of my old camry, and about half a head shorter than me I'm 5'10".

    But it's roomy inside, enough to comfortably fold the seat down and sleep in, and it still gives you that high-up feeling that people like when driving a truck.

    The design is very simple and minimalistic, the 4x4 shifter is actually a shifter that takes a good amount of arm-strength to force into gear, and it's a straight 6 at least mine is which gives you that tire-spinning low-end torque. It makes strange whining noises like old factory machinery and handles more like a giant ATV than an actual car, which at first makes you think there's something wrong with it but after awhile driving anything else is extremely disappointing.

    That all said, you definitely have to know how to turn a wrench to hold onto a Cherokee. The engines and automatic transmissions are solid, never have to really worry about them. More abused ones tend to rust in strange areas though product of hard 4-wheeling in wet areas , the cooling systems are problematic, and a front end job after 15 years isn't a bad idea. The front end is built sort of as the minimal about to get by. Nice for servicing and if you want to do a lift, but at some point they'll all need a bit of maintenance.

    Very generic style truck. Built to actually 4x4 and lift and tow stuff Easy to work on and create your own stuff rather than rely on obtaining OEM parts Ridiculous amount of low-end power. Awesome to drive in-town. People will buy them in almost any condition whole Parts are stupid easy to find, and tutorials to do almost anything are online.

    1998 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) In-Depth Review

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